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Acceptance to Loganville Christian Academy is granted based on academic, spiritual, and social criteria being met.


Loganville Christian Academy is a college preparatory school. As such, students must meet the following criteria:

Pre-K3 through First Grade: Students applying for Pre-K3 through first grade will be asked to come to 澳门皇冠官方app and will be screened to assess language and literacy development, number concepts, motor skills, and social development. Students must score at or above the developmental level.

Parents will be notified of the screening results and whether the student is eligible for the next step in the admissions process.

Students must reach the minimum age requirement by September 1: 3 years of age for PreK3, 4 years of age for PreK4, and 5 years of age for Kindergarten.

Grades 2-5: Students applying for grades 2-5 must submit the results of a nationally-normed standard test taken within the last twelve months. Students must score above average or at grade level on the nationally-normed standardized test or at the “meets” or “exceeds” level of the CRCT. In addition, in most cases, 澳门皇冠官方app will conduct testing in math and language arts to ensure that the student is prepared to succeed in our curriculum. Students must all submit grade reports to show evidence of an academic history in which he or she has recorded above-average grades consistently. A testing date will be scheduled after the application is complete and has been preliminarily reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

Grades 6-12: For students entering grades 6-12, we require the results of a nationally normed standard test taken within the last twelve months. We are seeking students who score a minimum of the 50th percentile in all categories. In addition, if the student has taken the CRCT, they must score at the “meets” or “exceeds” level in all areas. In some cases, we may also conduct our own testing to determine admissibility or placement.

There is a $50 fee due at the time of testing, payable by check or cash.

Parents will be notified if the student is eligible for the next step in the admissions process.


澳门皇冠官方app is a discipleship-style school. As such, there is a requirement for at least one parent in every home to give evidence of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and agree with the tenants of the 澳门皇冠官方app Statement of Faith. Families are expected to be active and consistent attendees of a local church. Students’ salvation is not required for acceptance, but high school students should have a similar value and belief system.


Students must provide evidence of a pattern of behavior and school attendance consistent with 澳门皇冠官方app’s overall mission and objectives. Loganville Christian Academy is a religious institution providing an education in a distinctly Christian environment, and it believes that its biblical role is to work in conjunction with the home to mold students to be Christ-like, as defined by biblical criteria. If the student’s conduct or the home environment is not in harmony with the school’s doctrinal beliefs and biblical lifestyle requirements as stated in the Statement of Faith, the school reserves the right, within its sole discretion, to refuse admission of an applicant or to discontinue enrollment of a student.

澳门皇冠官方app does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, scholarship programs, and other school-administered programs.